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Why aren't my audience insights available?

There are 4 possible reasons:

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If you receive this message after attempting to connect one of your social accounts, it could be due to one of four reasons: 

  1. Your social account does not have a big enough follower count for our system to pull your data - yet! Once you have crossed that threshold, however, you will get an email notifying you that your insights are ready. 
  2. Even though you've entered your social account in the correct format, there may be a typo that we can't detect until we try to search your account.  Please double check that the social account you entered is free of typos.
  3. Your social account is private. We might be able to pull your follower count, but we are unable to pull the entirety of your account's data to display. 
  4. There was a connection error, which happens primarily with YouTube integration. Please ensure that you are entering the channel URL (not the user URL) when integrating your YouTube account.