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What is the FamePick Collective?

FamePick Collective (FPC) is our non-exclusive on-demand management service for digital creators. You can think of it as management on-demand, a manager when you need one!


A quick rundown of the program:

The FamePick team will only get involved in a brand sponsorship/campaign when:

1. Talent requests help via the LinkFolio app (web or mobile). 

  1. Talent copies/forwards an email to their new famepick.net email address.  

On-Demand Service Options & Fees

Once a request has been initiated and accepted by FP Team, a FP Team member will step in review the sponsorship opportunity:

  • Negotiate directly with the brand or agency until a final price is accepted by the talent
  • Review or construct a contract for the sponsorship campaign with the brand or agency
  • Review contract terms to make sure the campaign terms (deliverables, marketing rights, network usage, etc) discussed in sales process are correctly laid out in the contract 
  • Explain to talent any additional contract terms or conditions that apply to the campaig (ex. White label ads, re-marketing rights, etc).

After the contract is signed, FamePick team services are concluded. FamePick will then invoice the talent for 20% of the campaign amount or $250, whichever is greater. Invoice due date will be correlated to the contract terms. 

FamePick team does not engage in any campaign management or content production operations. That is talent responsibility. FamePick team is also not responsible for invoicing brand or sending reminders for payment after campaign conclusion.