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What is Email Collection?

Email Collection is a quickest way to collect your fans’ email addresses. Fans need to just type their email addresses on the LinkFolio, which influencers can easily get access to!


How to add email to an email collection

You can simply type your email address in order to sign up for your favorite talent’s mailing list! 


How to utilize the feature on the Web Platform

  • You can choose to display the email collection feature on link folio by toggling on the ‘Display Email Collection’ toggle button. If you wish to hide email collection, you can toggle off the button. The default setting for the email collection is toggled on.
  • On the section title, you can choose to write a description of the email collection. You can type what you are using emails for or benefit of subscribing for the email collection list.
  • You can check who signed up for the email collection list simply by choosing the time period and clicking download emails. We will export the text file of emails.