What is a Discovery and How Can I Create Them?

The Discovery is the starting point to help find creators for your campaign--paid or affiliate. Whether you're looking to run a campaign to launch your newest products, or simply to just have influencers show they are interested in working with you, similarly to a camapign creative brief, Discoveries help outline your camapign. Once your discovery is filled out, we'll share it with creators within the FamePick network.


Setting up a Discovery:

1. Get started by creating a new Discovery on the FamePick platform by clicking on the + 'Create Talent Discovery Request.'

Brand Partners Help Center - create discovery
2. Once your "Discovery" is created, you can create your Discovery Page. Fill out the required information within the Discovery Posting Information.

Brand Partners Help Center

3. Submit your Discovery. This will push your brand out to thousands of creators on the FamePick Network. Once approved, you will see a list of talent who have responded on your Discoveries page within 5 business days.

Have questions about building a Discovery? Contact support@famepick.com any time!