What do I say to brands in my pitch email?

Each pitch email should be unique and catered to the brand, just like a cover letter would be when applying for a job! We have a few articles in our Knowledge Hub that go over pitch emails, but here is a high-level guide.

What your pitch email should include:

  1. Introduction
    1. Briefly introduce yourself
    2. Add links to your Instagram and/or blog
  2. Layout your statistics if you find these to be a selling point
  3. Link out to examples of the quality work you have created
    1. Keep the examples aligned with the brand! If you are pitching a beauty brand, use beauty related posts
  4. Layout what you are offering to do for the brand in exchange for product or compensation
    1. Sweeten the deal with providing the brand all of the assets you will be creating. This helps a brand tremendously when they need content for social channels, websites, marketing, etc. 
  5. Seal the deal with your FamePick Media Kit
    1. Your custom FamePick Media Kit should be personalized to you. If you need help on how to customize your media kit, check out this post. 
    2. The FamePick Media Kit includes links to all of your social channels, featured works, top content, audience insights, and analytics.