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What are some of the biggest benefits of management with FamePick?

The first thing we always hear from influencers after we’ve helped negotiate for them for a couple of months is that they are making more money.

Many creators aren't sure what industry standards are or how to accurately put together rates for campaigns with various scopes and end up 'underselling' themselves. 

OR, some brands won’t disclose that they'll have usage/exclusivity/whitelisting rights until the contract is created and then talent can end up signing the contract and not being paid for those additional rights. All of this is where we come in.

The second thing we hear a lot is “you make me look good!” It’s funny to say, but we show up professionally, timely, organized and business savvy. Many of our creators feel that it’s really helpful to have someone represent them in this light.

Lastly, we always hear that our talent feel like they have that support and a team behind them that knows what they are doing. We become extremely close with the talent we manage and it really is a team effort all around.