How does Collab Me work for fans?

You can submit the Collab Me Service on the LinkFolio page of your favorite influencers.

After clicking the Collab Me button, you can choose the type of Collab Me request and proceed to the next step.

Please fill your name, email, social handle and request messages so that influencers can correctly understand your request.

Then, choose your preferred payment method. We currently support Stripe payment, PayPal payment, and our own payment method. After finishing the payment, you will get a confirmation and influencers will be notified. They have 72 hours to either accept or reject the service. After they will work on the service and deliver the service to you as soon as possible.

When influencers finish and deliver the service, you will be notified through your email and have 48 hours to confirm the delivery. The email has its own link that will lead you to the separate confirmation website.

After reviewing the delivery, you can either confirm or dispute the Collab Me service. Accepting the offer will confirm us that you approve the delivery and thus complete the offer. 

If you are dissatisfied with the service, you can dispute the service. Please write your reason and submit the request. We will consult with the influencer and work on the issue.


** For a comprehensive summary of the CollabMe flow, here is a flowchart:

image (1)