How does Collab Me work for creators?

Once you've got your Collab Me up and running, your audience will be able to purchase your products and/or services directly through your LinkFolio. You will be notified when your fans submit the Collab Me request through an app notification and an email. 

After receiving the notification and email, head to the web portal and navigate to your Offers tab. Click the Action button (Eye), where you'll see the details of the offer. After reviewing the offer, accept or decline the offer by using the buttons located at the bottom of the detail tab. Please note that the action cannot be reverted.

If you've chosen to accept the offer, you can send it right over or work on it if it requires customization or shipment. After you finish the requirement for the Collab Me service, please upload the proof of delivery and mark the offer as delivered. 

Once you've marked the Collab Me offer as delivered, your fan then has 48 hours to review the offer and mark it as complete; if they don’t review the offer within 48 hours, offers will automatically be marked completed. 

However, if the recipient is dissatisfied by the quality of Collab Me service, they can reject and dispute the delivery. If this should occur, please contact us through


** For a comprehensive summary of the CollabMe flow, here is a flowchart:

image (1)