How do I 'Accept', 'Counter' or 'Decline' an Offer?

Accepting, Countering, or Declining an Offer is simple. Within the 'Offers' tab, you'll be able to Accept, Counter, or Decline and offer.

We have now made it easier to review offers coming in from brands and partners. Important details like price and deliverables are front and center so you can make faster decisions if you are interested in working with the selected brand. 


Brand Offers

As part of the Linkfolio v4 redesign, we also adjusted LinkFolio offer terminology to better reflect current brand to talent conversations so Accepted is now Interested. This gives you the creator the opportunity to communicate with the brand and understand all collaboration details before accepting the offer.

To decline an Offer, simply tap or click on the 'Not Interested' button.

To counter an Offer, simply tap or click on the 'Counter' button.